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  • Blacklisters – Adult

    Nov 24, 15 • Features, News, Reviews, WelcomeComments Off on Blacklisters – Adult
    Blacklisters – Adult

    The bile that races through the veins of Leeds' Blacklisters is flecked with hundreds and thousands made out of spite and toxic laughter. Their concept of anything vaguely normal is an utterly redundant feeling - sounding like they've set fire to their instruments before they've started playing them...

  • USA Nails – No Pleasure

    Sep 18, 15 • Features, Reviews, VideosComments Off on USA Nails – No Pleasure
    USA Nails – No Pleasure

    The frothing abrasiveness of No Pleasure showcases just how far USA Nails have progressed in such a short space of time. Their punk rock melodies have mutated like Carpenter's The Thing into an unrelenting bludgeon of ugliness. No Pleasure (which was recorded live with minimal takes) is all about creating a thoroughly demented, chaotic and cathartic listening experience...

  • Axis Of – The Mid Brae Inn

    Mar 1, 15 • Blogroll, Features, News, Reviews, VideosComments Off on Axis Of – The Mid Brae Inn
    Axis Of – The Mid Brae Inn

    When Axis Of first burst on to the scene, they threw so many curve balls it was difficult to know exactly what or where their sound was going. Their debut album; the pulverising bruise that is Finding St. Kilda sounds like Florida dirt-merchants Torche exchanging the boom string for three chords and more amp-jumping...

  • USA Nails – Sonic Moist / What’s Wrong With Your Boy?

    Jan 19, 15 • Features, News, ReviewsComments Off on USA Nails – Sonic Moist / What’s Wrong With Your Boy?
    USA Nails – Sonic Moist / What’s Wrong With Your Boy?

    Only when you properly start to listen to the lyrics to Sonic Moist, the title track from USA Nails' debut album does the fear start to set in. Vocalist Steven Hodson sounds like he could climb out of the speakers any moment, invading your space with his perverse lyrical outpouring...

  • USA Nails – Sonic Moist

    Sep 28, 14 • Features, Introducing, ReviewsComments Off on USA Nails – Sonic Moist
    USA Nails – Sonic Moist

    There's an anti-hero hostility to USA Nails - they marry contempt with discordant punk rock in a way I've not heard before and it's both creepy and refreshingly original. The ten tracks that make up Sonic Moist are laced with defiant and antagonistic bitterness, with a trace of deep arrogant humour punching through the other side...

  • Lizard Hips’ Top 10 albums of 2013

    Dec 23, 13 • Features, Introducing, News, ReviewsComments Off on Lizard Hips’ Top 10 albums of 2013
    Lizard Hips’ Top 10 albums of 2013

    2013 will soon be done, but again, it's been ridiculously brilliant year for new releases, new bands, new discoveries and long-awaited comebacks. So, before getting ruined on homebrew, eating mince pies and shouting at the TV because the BBC haven't played Jurassic Park yet, here's a run down of my top 10 albums of 2013. ...

  • Jetplane Landing – Don’t Try

    Sep 1, 13 • News, ReviewsComments Off on Jetplane Landing – Don’t Try
    Jetplane Landing – Don’t Try

    Six years hasn't done anything to dampen Jetplane Landing's enthusiasm - far from it. The energy levels, much like those on Backlash Cop, are through the roof and orbiting a space station on their 4th album, Don't Try...

  • Axis Of – Finding St Kilda

    May 19, 13 • Introducing, ReviewsComments Off on Axis Of – Finding St Kilda
    Axis Of – Finding St Kilda

    What grabs you about Finding St Kilda is how immediate it is; a huge thumping, crunching rush of excited, exhilarating sounds packed into 34 minutes. Axis Of display their nationality on Finding St Kilda like the roaring explosion of a fireworks shop going up in flames - the accents of drummer Ethan, guitarist Niall and bassist Ewen are so strong and expressive, full of warmth, heart and endearing passion. ...