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  • Arnocorps – The Unbelievable EP

    Jul 16, 17 • Features, mp3's, News, Reviews, Videos1 Comment
    Arnocorps – The Unbelievable EP

    The Greatest Band Of All Time still remains the most factually correct album title in existence. Yes, those Austrian-American rock 'n roll action pioneers, Arnocorps are back in new EP form, Unbelievable, right? WRONG! TOTALLY BELIEVABLE, EXACTLY!...

  • Almeida – Fantastic Massacre

    Feb 22, 12 • Introducing, News, Reviews1 Comment
    Almeida – Fantastic Massacre

    Band – Almeida Album – Fantastic Massacre Label – Lockjaw Records Sounds like – skateboard-to-the-face of tech-riffs and three chords Release date – Out now – Almeida are the kind of band you want to stake into the ground – you never will though, because catching them up is frankly impossible. Like the roadrunner, they [&hellip...