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  • Ampwrecked: New tracks for your ears 10

    Jan 10, 17 • AMPWreCked, Features, Introducing, mp3's, News, Reviews, VideosComments Off on Ampwrecked: New tracks for your ears 10
    Ampwrecked: New tracks for your ears 10

    It's 2017! Let's kick off the new year with a few new-ish tracks or something! Plus, I needed a post to kickstart the website for 2017, as I'm not sure what to write about. Darko, Less Than Jake, GUG, Oak, Pulled Apart By Horses and Code Orange all step up to the plate and deliver some riffs/horns/more riffs. Enjoy. ...

  • Holy Gold – Feral Children

    Nov 26, 16 • Blogroll, Features, Introducing, mp3's, News, ReviewsComments Off on Holy Gold – Feral Children
    Holy Gold – Feral Children

    The alumni that make up Atlanta's Holy+Gold burst forth from the metalcore bubble, with members of Norma Jean, The Glass Ocean and professional crowd-surfers, The Chariot in tow. It's a surprise then, to hear that Holy+Gold carry very little over musically from these projects, save for teasing moments of snarling hardcore fury and some fractured distortion...

  • USA Nails – No Pleasure

    Sep 18, 15 • Features, Reviews, VideosComments Off on USA Nails – No Pleasure
    USA Nails – No Pleasure

    The frothing abrasiveness of No Pleasure showcases just how far USA Nails have progressed in such a short space of time. Their punk rock melodies have mutated like Carpenter's The Thing into an unrelenting bludgeon of ugliness. No Pleasure (which was recorded live with minimal takes) is all about creating a thoroughly demented, chaotic and cathartic listening experience...

  • Brawlers – Romantic Errors Of Our Youth

    Apr 26, 15 • Features, Introducing, Reviews, VideosComments Off on Brawlers – Romantic Errors Of Our Youth
    Brawlers – Romantic Errors Of Our Youth

    An autobiographical streak runs through Brawlers' sound - from the brisk story-telling of Annabel to the girl-chasing bounce of Two Minutes and the drunken bar room chant of the album's title track, hearts are very much being held up to your face, with the bloody viscera dripping all down your front...

  • Anakin – Celestial Frequency Shifter

    Apr 23, 15 • Features, Introducing, News, ReviewsComments Off on Anakin – Celestial Frequency Shifter
    Anakin – Celestial Frequency Shifter

    You could be forgiven for becoming lost within this – Anakin (a four piece from San Diego, who have an obvious love of all things lightsaber and Millennium Falcon) create a world with their sound that will envelop you, should you stumble your way into its enigmatic universe...

  • Black Years – Black Years II

    Feb 1, 15 • Features, Introducing, News, ReviewsComments Off on Black Years – Black Years II
    Black Years – Black Years II

    There's something incredibly engaging about Black Years, stretched over the three tracks on offer on this 7" EP - they're not afraid to mix up their sound, catering for all on this brief, yet memorable slab of punk rock wax...

  • En Garde – Weekenders

    Jan 18, 15 • Features, Introducing, News, ReviewsComments Off on En Garde – Weekenders
    En Garde – Weekenders

    En Garde are a punk rock band channelling the exquisite berserk rage of Gallows, mixed with the hardcore fury of Blowgoat (RIP) and the scathing bile of Golden Tanks. The raw, untamed energy that pulsates from Weekenders is breathless and infectious in equal measure...

  • Ex Wives/MADEINCANADA – Split 10″

    Jan 5, 15 • Features, Introducing, News, ReviewsComments Off on Ex Wives/MADEINCANADA – Split 10″
    Ex Wives/MADEINCANADA – Split 10″

    No stranger to these ears - Glasgow merchants of hate Ex Wives are back, frothing at the mouth like Cujo with a broken baseball bat buried in his head. Horror dressed up as music - that's MADEINCANADA. Hailing from Paris, this noise-rock trio are just as, if not nastier than Ex Wives. It's as if both bands are trying to be the out-do each other in being foul, depraved purveyors of gnawing, blood-spitting derision...

  • Death From Above 1979 – The Physical World

    Oct 23, 14 • Features, News, ReviewsComments Off on Death From Above 1979 – The Physical World
    Death From Above 1979 – The Physical World

    The elephant-trunked duo of bassist/keyboardist Jesse F. Keeler and drummer/vocalist Sebastien Grainger have returned with the follow up to their furious 2004 debut, You're A Woman, I'm A Machine and it's fantastic that they've patched up their differences and more importantly, back to making a pachyderm-sized racket. ...

  • USA Nails – Sonic Moist

    Sep 28, 14 • Features, Introducing, ReviewsComments Off on USA Nails – Sonic Moist
    USA Nails – Sonic Moist

    There's an anti-hero hostility to USA Nails - they marry contempt with discordant punk rock in a way I've not heard before and it's both creepy and refreshingly original. The ten tracks that make up Sonic Moist are laced with defiant and antagonistic bitterness, with a trace of deep arrogant humour punching through the other side...