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  • USA Nails – Shame Spiral

    May 1, 17 • Blogroll, Features, mp3's, News, Reviews, VideosComments Off on USA Nails – Shame Spiral
    USA Nails – Shame Spiral

    Immersing themselves almost completely in a different spectrum of reality, USA Nails (the family fun time band from London - as they like to call themselves) seem content to continue morphing into a magic eye picture of warped insanity. The Swami-guitar lines of their debut have all been erased; washed in a sea of sludge. ...

  • KRAUSE – 2am Thoughts

    Feb 7, 17 • Features, Introducing, mp3's, News, Reviews, VideosComments Off on KRAUSE – 2am Thoughts
    KRAUSE – 2am Thoughts

    Man, this is pissed/odd/crazy (delete where applicable). Hey, that's what you expect from any band on Riot Season though; a label that are the true purveyors of the weird, wonderful and downright ridiculous when it comes to creating a variation on sound that can be interpreted and translated into music. KRAUSE are four dudes from Athens...

  • WHORES. – Gold

    Dec 10, 16 • Blogroll, Features, Introducing, News, Reviews, VideosComments Off on WHORES. – Gold
    WHORES. – Gold

    If the production on this was some form of mineral, it would be a mudslide; a cruel, filthy, flow that never lets up until everything is submerged in grime. The guitars let off an ear-squealing hiss of disdain throughout the 35 minute running time of Gold, whilst the bass rumbles and belches thick, slabs of mulch and the drumming is a tribal hammering of bloodied determination...

  • Holy Fuck – Congrats

    Aug 29, 16 • Features, mp3's, News, Reviews, VideosComments Off on Holy Fuck – Congrats
    Holy Fuck – Congrats

    What drives Holy Fuck? Pure rhythm, hammered out at chest-caving speed. There are moments on Congrats where Holy Fuck do sound as if they're dragging music from the same realm Adebisi Shank acquired their inspiration and zealous, technicolour radiation of future-space-rock. ...


    Jun 13, 16 • Features, Introducing, News, ReviewsComments Off on HEADS. DOING. A. UK. TOUR.

    Purveyors of uncomfortable, scraping noise-rock that could melt through walls; Germany-meets-Australia's HEADS. are to return to the UK later on this month for a few shows, which is nice. Catch them at these venues creeping you out with their crunchy, face-clawing riffs...

  • Graf Orlock – Crime Traveler

    May 3, 16 • Blogroll, Features, mp3's, Reviews, WelcomeComments Off on Graf Orlock – Crime Traveler
    Graf Orlock – Crime Traveler

    Stretched taunt over a 31 minute running time, Graf Orlock, brutalize and pulverise their instruments through an apocalyptic barrage of seething grind. They also reference tons and tons of other films as well (Arnie gets some terrific shout-outs) nothing is safe and neither are you from the Orlock attack...

  • UXO – UXO

    Apr 17, 16 • Features, Introducing, mp3's, News, ReviewsComments Off on UXO – UXO
    UXO – UXO

    UXO is a project formed by Steve Austin of metal/noise/haters of everything, Today is the Day and Chris Spencer of Wreck-merchants, Unsane with the help of bassist Aarne Victorine and drummer Patrick Kennedy (who jammed with Austin in the band Taipan). UXO isn't a comfortable listen by any means - it twitches and snaps like a hair-trigger temper on an unpredictable mob Capo...

  • Polonium – Seraphim

    Mar 22, 16 • Features, Introducing, mp3's, News, ReviewsComments Off on Polonium – Seraphim
    Polonium – Seraphim

    When reading the song titles on Seraphim, you can tell there's a serious amount of dissatisfaction and boiling anger present within Polonium. This is a very good thing. Before The Austerity Program infected the world with their cynicism, guitarist Justin Foley, bassist Thad Calabrese and a drum machine existed as the entity known as Polonium...

  • Workin’ Man Noise Unit – Play Loud

    Nov 22, 15 • Features, Introducing, News, ReviewsComments Off on Workin’ Man Noise Unit – Play Loud
    Workin’ Man Noise Unit – Play Loud

    With the kind of mystic aura that would take out a herd of Tyrannosaurus Rex's just by lifting one armpit and uttering an almighty belch, Workin' Man Noise Unit are a stagnant, crunching unit of topless, maddening energy and scene-bating destruction. ...

  • False Flags – Hexmachine

    Nov 8, 15 • Features, Introducing, News, ReviewsComments Off on False Flags – Hexmachine
    False Flags – Hexmachine

    Crawling from the smoking wreckage of several other bands (Red Stars Parade, Whores, Whores, Whores and Year of the Man) 4 individuals haul themselves up, patting out the last embers of stray fire and brushing off the coating of dust debris. False Flags have arrived and they hit hard. ...