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  • THANK – Sexghost Hellscape

    Nov 16, 17 • Blogroll, Features, Introducing, mp3's, News, ReviewsComments Off on THANK – Sexghost Hellscape
    THANK – Sexghost Hellscape

    This is a Hieronymus Bosch painting in musical form that's started to melt into a sickening puddle of smoldering wax, wires and decay. Subjecting yourself for more than 20 minutes of this will send you fucking insane. Boiling, bubbling, mutated flesh, that's where we're coming from. I feel sick...

  • USA Nails – Shame Spiral

    May 1, 17 • Blogroll, Features, mp3's, News, Reviews, VideosComments Off on USA Nails – Shame Spiral
    USA Nails – Shame Spiral

    Immersing themselves almost completely in a different spectrum of reality, USA Nails (the family fun time band from London - as they like to call themselves) seem content to continue morphing into a magic eye picture of warped insanity. The Swami-guitar lines of their debut have all been erased; washed in a sea of sludge. ...

  • Night Owls – Informaldehyde

    Jun 4, 16 • Features, Introducing, mp3's, News, Reviews, VideosComments Off on Night Owls – Informaldehyde
    Night Owls – Informaldehyde

    Night Owls are comprised of drummer and vocalist Will Pollard and guitarist Liam Waddell. There particular brand of poison? Well, I'm honestly not sure. If you were to ask them what they sounded like, they'd probably shrug and start chucking things at you until you eventually walked away, looking a bit lost and sheepish. ...

  • Blacklisters – Adult

    Nov 24, 15 • Features, News, Reviews, WelcomeComments Off on Blacklisters – Adult
    Blacklisters – Adult

    The bile that races through the veins of Leeds' Blacklisters is flecked with hundreds and thousands made out of spite and toxic laughter. Their concept of anything vaguely normal is an utterly redundant feeling - sounding like they've set fire to their instruments before they've started playing them...

  • False Flags – Hexmachine

    Nov 8, 15 • Features, Introducing, News, ReviewsComments Off on False Flags – Hexmachine
    False Flags – Hexmachine

    Crawling from the smoking wreckage of several other bands (Red Stars Parade, Whores, Whores, Whores and Year of the Man) 4 individuals haul themselves up, patting out the last embers of stray fire and brushing off the coating of dust debris. False Flags have arrived and they hit hard. ...

  • Brawlers – Romantic Errors Of Our Youth

    Apr 26, 15 • Features, Introducing, Reviews, VideosComments Off on Brawlers – Romantic Errors Of Our Youth
    Brawlers – Romantic Errors Of Our Youth

    An autobiographical streak runs through Brawlers' sound - from the brisk story-telling of Annabel to the girl-chasing bounce of Two Minutes and the drunken bar room chant of the album's title track, hearts are very much being held up to your face, with the bloody viscera dripping all down your front...

  • Hawk Eyes – Everything Is Fine

    Feb 13, 15 • Features, Introducing, Reviews, VideosComments Off on Hawk Eyes – Everything Is Fine
    Hawk Eyes – Everything Is Fine

    Everything Is Fine. It's not though, is it? Hawk Eyes are far from smiles, rainbows and fuffy kittens on this, their third album. That's not to say this is all misery and sadness - there's no time to be miserable, not when all your feelings can be tightly compacted into seething malevolence, stretched over the 46 minute running time that this Leeds four-piece uncomfortably take you on. ...

  • Hawk Eyes – That’s What This Is

    Oct 14, 13 • Blogroll, News, ReviewsComments Off on Hawk Eyes – That’s What This Is
    Hawk Eyes – That’s What This Is

    With a successful Pledge campaign under their belts, the 4-tracker, entitled That's What This Is, is now available to purchase for those who missed it the first time. One thing to note straight away, is how Hawk Eyes have finally staked into the ground the notion of an infectious chorus. All 4 tracks on offer here are very different, yet retain a distinct ear-worm like quality...