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  • Idles – Brutalism

    Apr 18, 17 • Blogroll, Features, Introducing, News, Reviews, Videos, WelcomeComments Off on Idles – Brutalism
    Idles – Brutalism

    Subtlety doesn't really exist to a band like Idles. Brutalism, their debut album, opens the door before you've had time to answer, staggers into your house, a blood-smeared hand caressing your walls, a half-drunk crate of beer under one arm and a look that's a cross between madness and euphoria...

  • Girl Band – France 98

    Mar 1, 13 • Introducing, News, ReviewsComments Off on Girl Band – France 98
    Girl Band – France 98

    Girl Band hail from Dublin and ‘France 98’ is a sinister and warped trail of distortion, disapproving sneers and the middle finger. I like how uncomfortably ominous each track sounds. From the cacophony of snarling guitars that make up opener ‘You’re A Dog’ to the frantic barrage of quick-fire strumming of the speed-punk title track...