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  • Palehorse – Looking Wet In Public

    Palehorse – Looking Wet In Public

    Palehorse are fuckin' dead. Although nowadays, splitting up is akin to going on a long trip somewhere, only to return 18 years later with a beard and a new hairstyle, still rocking the same moves (hi Refused!) But what of Palehorse? 16 years doing this shit, few line up changes, several albums down the line, sometimes it's just the time to bow out and let someone else take the reigns...

  • Kvelertak – Nattesferd

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    Kvelertak – Nattesferd

    Ah, I thought I could see the silhouette of an owl in the sky...somewhere in the ice-clad mountains of Stavanger, Norway, six mighty warriors have broken free, scraped the cold from their beards and checked shirts, grabbed their weapons (4 guitars, a drum kit and a mic) and have returned to bring the rock 'n roll metal party train back...

  • Halfway mark – top tracks of 2016 so far

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    Halfway mark – top tracks of 2016 so far

    As we reach the halfway point of this bonkers year, it's time to recap on some of the best tracks/noises/sounds/farting through a walkman we've heard at Keep It Fast towers this year. Join us on this voyage, where I sort of repeat stuff you've perhaps already read, but that doesn't matter as we're just killing time at the moment...

  • Tvivler – Negativ Psykologi #2

    Tvivler – Negativ Psykologi #2

    I like Tvivler's press release. This Copenhagen four-piece aren't afraid to poke fun at themselves or state how fucking self-humiliating/dreadful/sarcastic press releases can be. The fact is, this is DIY-to-the-core group of miscreants, recorded this EP in their own studio and self-released off their own backs...

  • Reasons why you should watch the unaired pilot of Two Minutes To Late Night

    Reasons why you should watch the unaired pilot of Two Minutes To Late Night

    What do you get if you combine the idea for a talk show that doesn't take itself seriously, a thrash metal house band, copious amounts of drinking, Ben Weinman, lots of corpse paint and pointless weather reports? Two Minutes To Late Night of course!...

  • Girl Band – In Plastic

    Girl Band – In Plastic

    It seems Girl Band have been a bit quiet of late. I know from their somewhat sporadic updates that there's been a few health problems in the Dublin camp, (cancelled shows) but it would seem things are getting back on track now, which is excellent news. In Plastic is the next single from the acclaimed, food-obsessed 2015 debut, Holding Hands With Jamie. Yes, it's once again directed by Bob Gallagher...


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    Purveyors of uncomfortable, scraping noise-rock that could melt through walls; Germany-meets-Australia's HEADS. are to return to the UK later on this month for a few shows, which is nice. Catch them at these venues creeping you out with their crunchy, face-clawing riffs...

  • Night Owls – Informaldehyde

    Night Owls – Informaldehyde

    Night Owls are comprised of drummer and vocalist Will Pollard and guitarist Liam Waddell. There particular brand of poison? Well, I'm honestly not sure. If you were to ask them what they sounded like, they'd probably shrug and start chucking things at you until you eventually walked away, looking a bit lost and sheepish. ...

  • Head Wound City – A New Wave Of Violence

    Head Wound City – A New Wave Of Violence

    Head Wound City have returned to the party and they've brought the fun and heaps of destruction ready to kick-start the failing heart. There's such an intimate, intense urgency to A New Wave of Violence - everything is so tightly wound up, like a million coiled springs that are suddenly released, ricocheting off everything with a cacophonous riot of explosive energy and wild frivolity...

  • Wrong – Wrong

    Wrong – Wrong

    *Crushes beer can into head* Let's get Neanderthal! Wrong are from Miami and are interested in riffs, riffs and more riffs. Made up of ex-members of Kylesa and sludge-pop titans Torche, Wrong are channelling the sweaty, bleary eyed, disgruntled, yet still party-animal instinct of early Kvelertak, alongside the down-tuned hum of Unsane and that snarl of Helmet. ...