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  • Various Artists – Xtra Mile High Club Volume 5: Smokin’ (Signed Vs Unsigned)

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    Various Artists – Xtra Mile High Club Volume 5: Smokin’ (Signed Vs Unsigned)

    What a generous lot Xtra Mile Recordings are. Here is a label that thrust the sorely missed Million Dead into our hearts and minds, as well as nurtured the talents of the mouth-kicking scallywags, Reuben. Well, they did to me. Smokin' is a compilation album, crammed with a hefty 42 bands - half signed to the label and half unsigned that have been hand-picked by the bands on Xtra Mile's roster. ...

  • ’68 – In Humor and Sadness

    ’68 – In Humor and Sadness

    There's a moment on In Humor and Sadness, the d├ębut album by '68; where you can hear an amp finally giving up the ghost and power down. It just snuffs right out near the end of 04. R, cutting out in a pop-of scrawling, mangled feedback, whilst vocalist and guitarist Josh Scogin manages to strangle one last cry from it during its death rattle. ...

  • Sonisphere 2014 – Sunday 6 July

    Sonisphere 2014 – Sunday 6 July

    After a surprisingly wonderful night's sleep (seven hours? Uninterrupted? I'll take that.) thanks to a combination of being a) very drunk the night before and b) ear plugs, Sunday treated us to Cadillac Three, who are much more soothing on the eardrums; letting those far too hungover to ease into the day's musical festivities...

  • Sonisphere 2014 – Saturday 5 July

    Sonisphere 2014 – Saturday 5 July

    We're late leaving the campsite and only briefly get a glimpse of Alestorm bringing pirate metal kicking and screaming - some dude is playing the keytar and it doesn't sound too horrible. We're only up early though to see one band: Babymetal. Judging by the crowd of people swarming to the Apollo stage, we aren't the only ones. ...

  • Sonisphere 2014 – Friday 4 July

    Sonisphere 2014 – Friday 4 July

    I am finally home from Sonisphere after spending what felt like an age in a car park queue topping up the tan on one of my arms. Things like hot running water and a cup of tea are taken for granted far too much when you've spent four days coating your body in dry shampoo, using baby wipes and eating bruised apples, washed down with warm Carlsberg...

  • This Is New Album-core with Down I Go

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    This Is New Album-core with Down I Go

    HUGE NEWS. Down I Go are back. Well, they're going to record an album at least, which is excellent. For those unfamiliar, Down I Go made/make concept albums (dinosaurs, disasters, robots, tyrants and gods) and are generally brilliant. They split up a few years back due to band members all living in different countries...

  • Yards – EP2

    Yards – EP2

    Searching the punk section on bandcamp produces some excellent results. Yards are just one of many that I've decided to single out to scribble some words about. Yards are a four piece from London/Brighton who specialise in gnarled, snapping rage fed through a filter of discord...

  • Floor – Oblation

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    Floor – Oblation

    So, you're waiting for the new Torche album huh? This should quench that thirst. Steve Brooks and Co. return with more riffs, sludge and doom-pop, including a songs about a war party, Don Quioxte's horse and finding that perfect man. Floor are back - let's get lower than before...

  • Do You Remember Us? The Blood Brothers are back

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    Do You Remember Us? The Blood Brothers are back

    So...good news it would seem. The Blood Brothers have decided that staying split up isn't for them and have got back together. Yes, Seattle's art-punk-hardcore-splatter merchants are to return; playing FYF Fest in Los Angeles, in August...

  • Rock Sound 100% Volume CD: 187

    Rock Sound 100% Volume CD: 187

    Despite their being a lot of second-stage UK-festival metalcore fodder on this month's CD, this isn't too bad. Being As An Ocean, Killer Be Killed, Martyr Defiled, Get Involved!, Frameworks, En Garde, Hey Vanity, Oh Captive and Out For Tomorrow all stand out from the crowd and are all worth your time. ...