• Stolen Nations – Smoke Signals

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    Stolen Nations – Smoke Signals

    Stolen Nations are going to tick a lot of boxes for people. A two piece, comprised of Jon Terrey (ex-The Chariot) on guitars, vocals and Kris Rochelle (of Listener) on drums, they're sound is an ever-shifting amalgamation of grunge, punk, stoner and even post rock thrown into the mix. ...

  • Death From Above 1979 – The Physical World

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    Death From Above 1979 – The Physical World

    The elephant-trunked duo of bassist/keyboardist Jesse F. Keeler and drummer/vocalist Sebastien Grainger have returned with the follow up to their furious 2004 debut, You're A Woman, I'm A Machine and it's fantastic that they've patched up their differences and more importantly, back to making a pachyderm-sized racket. ...

  • Lizzard/Ex-Wives/Perfect Teeth – inbox round-up

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    Lizzard/Ex-Wives/Perfect Teeth – inbox round-up

    This week in music we discover French rockers Lizzard and their sleazy, hangover-curing tones, a young Tom Jones dancing to Shellac fed through an insanity grinder and how punk rock can help you have a dazzling Hollywood smile...

  • Rock Sound 100% Volume CD: 192

    Rock Sound 100% Volume CD: 192

    This month's Rock Sound CD (192) praises Frnkiero andthe Cellabration for their quirky, distorted punk, Rob Lynch's folk-happiness, Solemn Sun and their doom and gloom, Creeper's punk rock and Code Orange and their scrambled, savage soundscapes...

  • American Standards – Hungry Hands

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    American Standards – Hungry Hands

    What sets Arizona's American Standards apart from their hardcore contemporaries is their inventiveness and balls to mix things up rather than sticking to a familiar path. At only three tracks long, Hungry Hands is a brief but chaotic slab of blunt, passionate hardcore...

  • USA Nails – Sonic Moist

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    USA Nails – Sonic Moist

    There's an anti-hero hostility to USA Nails - they marry contempt with discordant punk rock in a way I've not heard before and it's both creepy and refreshingly original. The ten tracks that make up Sonic Moist are laced with defiant and antagonistic bitterness, with a trace of deep arrogant humour punching through the other side...

  • Oyasumi, Adebisi Shank – 2006-2014

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    Oyasumi, Adebisi Shank – 2006-2014

    It's with a heavy heart I write this, but Adebisi Shank are to split. It's only been a month since they released This Is The Third Album of A Band Called Adebisi Shank, the strongest and most experimental album of their career and now they've decided to call it a day. This sucks, but their music will remain - with 3 albums and an EP as their lasting legacy...

  • Funerals – Human Ruin

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    Funerals – Human Ruin

    The name alone gives you an idea of their musical inkling. Somewhere around the great swirling whirlpool and the crashing waves where detuned, caustic hardcore meets and doom metal, Funerals have dredged up a sound that mixes both these styles together, in a volatile, frothing beaker of rage and meaty riffage...

  • Arms & The Man – …Are Nothing But Animals

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    Arms & The Man – …Are Nothing But Animals

    Arms & The Man deliver three tracks explicitly stating why they're "doing it like the bands they grew up on", with ardent, dynamic power. Their new EP, ...Are Nothing But Animals, returns to funny town with a truckload of riffs, self-deprecation, arrogant swagger and er...wolf punching...

  • This is a Review of the Third Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank

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    This is a Review of the Third Album of a Band Called Adebisi Shank

    The evolution of Adebisi Shank's sound is a remarkable one. Starting off as a cross between OXES and Don Caballero, they've burst through the template of instrumental rock, morphing, re-shaping and transforming Their unique, eclectic style is not of this earth - space rock dementia; a star collapsing, 1,000 spaceships powering up at the same time...