• METZ – Strange Peace

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    METZ – Strange Peace

    METZ hit the ground running, or rather, absolutely demolish all barriers with the teeth-rattling barrage that is Mess Of Wires. This is more a freight train continuously building in speed and chattering noise, as the drumming of Hayden Menzies is an almost direct parallel to the sound of clattering wheel rails, chewing to pieces everything in its path. ...

  • UpCDownC – I, Awake

    UpCDownC – I, Awake

    Split into 6 parts, I, Awake, the new album from instrumental-post-whatever-noise dirtbags UpCDownC, is essentially not being able to sleep at night; it's sticking your feet out the end of the bed and wondering if a clawed hand is about to grab hold. Sweet dreams...

  • Perturbator – New Model

    Perturbator – New Model

    France's Perturbator is a tricky customer. In a world that now seems dominated by night-driving, synthwave soundtracks, it's refreshing when that genre is altered somewhat. Like smearing perfectly applied make-up - it turns from something pristine and elegant to a distorted and chaotic smear. Oh, it can still look good, but the alteration will leave a lasting impression. ...

  • Tigercub – Evolve Or Die

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    Tigercub – Evolve Or Die

    Apparently, Evolve or Die, the new EP from Brighton's Tigercub, was influenced by a short story from Argentinian author George Louis Borge, called The Library of Babel. This tale is about a universe that consists of a library full of a series of hexagonal rooms containing the bare necessities for human survival. ...

  • Ampwrecked 14: New Music For Your Ears

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    Ampwrecked 14: New Music For Your Ears

    Death From Above keep up with the wrestling theme. Propagandhi invite us for a drink. The Bronx go rock 'n roll. Unsane cover everything in blood. METZ destroy our ears through a mess of wires. And So I Watch You From Afar show off their new wings and Converge go completely brutal. ...

  • The Lumes – Envy

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    The Lumes – Envy

    Whether the guitar on third track (Discharge) on this new EP from Rotterdam's The Lumes is being played remains to be seen. The long stretching, stream of feedback that emanates seems to indicate that it's been hurled into a speaker and left to pump out a noxious, squealing wail until the switch is finally flipped. Nice...

  • Down I Go – Mortals

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    Down I Go – Mortals

    Brilliantly self-described as "Drunk Wikipedia Farming" (aka, the kings of concept-core) the Stockholm/Illinois/Toronto trio that is Down I Go still exist as a band. Despite them all living in different countries, the simple matter of distance, time and space isn't going to stop them from creating music...

  • Ewen Friers talks CATALAN! Axis Of, Travelling and avoiding Love Island!

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    Ewen Friers talks CATALAN! Axis Of, Travelling and avoiding Love Island!

    Those of you may remember from last year a feature on Axis Of, celebrating the release of their most recent live album, Companions. Whilst the band have been quiet of late, things have been bubbling below the surface for one of their members, bassist Ewen Friers, who is currently working on a new project, titled CATALAN!...

  • PABST / Autisti – Split 7″

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    PABST / Autisti – Split 7″

    Surely one of the best kept secrets in the underground music scene is CrazySane Records, right? This little Berlin-based label, run by Chris Breuer of ear-bothers HEADS. has been quietly releasing some great records, split 7" and EPs over the last few months and slowly building up a name for themselves...

  • Arnocorps – The Unbelievable EP

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    Arnocorps – The Unbelievable EP

    The Greatest Band Of All Time still remains the most factually correct album title in existence. Yes, those Austrian-American rock 'n roll action pioneers, Arnocorps are back in new EP form, Unbelievable, right? WRONG! TOTALLY BELIEVABLE, EXACTLY!...