• Lovgun/Higgs Boson – Split 7″

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    Lovgun/Higgs Boson – Split 7″

    Clocking in at an impressive 13 minutes and comprising of 20 tracks (1o a piece), this Split EP is a devastatingly short, brutal and indignant attack of short, sharp blasts of power violence, grindcore, hardcore and amusing samples from Glengarry Glenross...

  • Brody Dalle/Darko/Girl Band – singles round-up

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    Brody Dalle/Darko/Girl Band – singles round-up

    Rounding up the latest and new tracks that have hit my ears this week. Mrs Homme returns, whilst punk rockers Darko unintentionally reference Arrested Development and Girl Band throw another curve-ball of musical weirdness. ...

  • Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else

    Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else

    This is bound to divide opinions and at the risk of pigeon-holing; Cloud Nothings really are nailing pop-punk to the floor and jumped up and down on it, with sweaty, furious abandon. Here and Nowhere Else is a brief and brash affair, clocking in at just over 32 minutes and is a pithy eight tracks long and is an absolute riot of blistering energy, wild joy and scuzzy delight from start to finish...

  • Hornets – No Faith EP

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    Hornets – No Faith EP

    I thought it was supposed to be getting lighter? Hornets certainly don't think so; tapping into the realms of darkness and despair on No Faith, an EP that's littered with bad feelings, ugly, chewed-up riffs and a sense of foreboding doom. Just what you need now that summer is around the corner! Hailing from Belfast, Hornets have been kicking around for a few years...

  • Wild Throne – Blood Maker

    Wild Throne – Blood Maker

    Hailing from Bellingham, Wild Throne are vibrant, technicoloured chaos. This chaos though, has for the most part, some structure - it doesn't feel totally thuggish, smashing things for the sake of smashing them; there's determination, relentless pace and twists and turns at every chord, every drum beat and every sung/screamed/whispered word...

  • Tussk – Par T Animal

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    Tussk – Par T Animal

    Good people, you're in for a treat come April 11. Staffordshire's Tussk, release their new EP, Part T Animal and it's going to kick your arse. Founded back in 2010 (thanks Facebook), this five-piece of beards, tattoos and beer-hair bridge that gap between swaggering, southern rock, throaty, guttural hardcore all packed beneath a wall of meaty riffs and thundering drumbeats...

  • Ratpigeon – Dinosaur Therapy (video)

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    Ratpigeon – Dinosaur Therapy (video)

    Called “the best name in the business” by the Biggleswade Chronicle and “abysmal” by Graham Matthias of UKSubs.co.uk, Ratpigeon are a band that are well recognised. (In fact, we interviewed them 6 years ago!) Simply mention their name to any person in the Beds and Herts area and watch as their eyes glaze over in [&hellip...

  • Yearbook – Old bones

    Yearbook – Old bones

    Two chords into this EP I went 'oh yeh pop-punk/emo like that other song of theirs I could be anyone' then the third chord came and shat on that hypothesis. It was discordant but not that heavy, what it really reminded me of was Inme, remember them...

  • Rock Sound 100% Volume CD: 185

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    Rock Sound 100% Volume CD: 185

    The Rock Sound CD reviews are baaaaack. What's hot this month? Well, We Are The In Crowd and I Am The Avalanche bringing some punk rock delights, Architects and Buried In Verona getting all shouty, Wild Throne for being fucking spazzcore lunatics, Nothing sounds LOVELY, Weathered Hands and Broker getting gnarled and gritty and Sea Bastard chugging DEM RIFFS. ...

  • The Hotelier – Home, Like Noplace Is There

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    The Hotelier – Home, Like Noplace Is There

    The Hotelier (formerly The Hotel Year) have been kicking around for a few years now, and Home, Like Noplace Is There is their second album, but first under the new moniker. So why should you care? In the growing emo revival scene, what makes The Hotelier stand out from the pack? ...