• Girl Band – Holding Hands With Jamie

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    Girl Band – Holding Hands With Jamie

    If you've been familiar with Girl Band's work - any similarities to their France 98 EP of 2013 have been taken outside and fed through a wood chipper. Holding Hands With Jamie takes things a step too far and keeps going, laughing maniacally, trailing a huge splatter of gasoline behind it, whilst repeatedly trying to get a spark from a lighter...

  • USA Nails – No Pleasure

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    USA Nails – No Pleasure

    The frothing abrasiveness of No Pleasure showcases just how far USA Nails have progressed in such a short space of time. Their punk rock melodies have mutated like Carpenter's The Thing into an unrelenting bludgeon of ugliness. No Pleasure (which was recorded live with minimal takes) is all about creating a thoroughly demented, chaotic and cathartic listening experience...

  • Funeral For Funeral For A Friend

    Funeral For Funeral For A Friend

    Funeral For A Friend have decided to call it a day. Deep within me somewhere, the 19 year old me is quite sad at this news as back then they were my favourite band. I still remember buying their debut album, Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation back in 2003 (time has ravaged me) and playing it to death. ...

  • UpCDownC – UpCDownC

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    UpCDownC – UpCDownC

    This is a very dark path indeed. I suppose that the week of summer we had back in July is all we're going to get as we descend into the realms of autumn. What better way then to soundtrack that by listening to something that will not only make you constantly look over your shoulder in fear and head-bang like a bastard. UpCDownC are that band. ...

  • AmpWrecked #1 – new tracks for your ears

    AmpWrecked #1 – new tracks for your ears

    New feature alert! Want to know what you've been missing? Eager to hear something that sounds like a crust-punk version of Sabbath? Want some unholy hardcore destruction? Do you crave fathoms of synths? You've come to the right place. Eight new-ish tracks from a load of bands, including (but not all) of the following: USA Nails, Shitwife, PIGS, California Goodbye, Loma Prieta Jotnarr, Bare Bones, All Tvvins and Mr Velocity Hopkins. Enjoy. ...

  • Girl Band – Paul

    Girl Band – Paul

    Popular Irish beat combo* Girl Band have been busy it seems. You know the life of a band, bit of touring, bit of album recording, holding a giant Shania Twain poster - the usual. They've also made another video (directed and produced by Bob Gallagher, who made the video for their Blawan cover, check it out) and it's super weird...

  • We Never Learned To Live – Silently, I Threw Them Skyward

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    We Never Learned To Live –  Silently, I Threw Them Skyward

    Curling up into a ball and hoping it will all go away is the name of the game. Dour feeling-experimentalists We Never Learned To Live are that ever flickering, blue screen of death breakdown you were warned about but still you install the corruption without a thought, claiming "it won't bother me, not one bit." Yeah, good luck with that...

  • Refused – Freedom

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    Refused – Freedom

    You've got to admire the guts of these Swedes. Returning/reforming back in 2012 for some shows, which from all accounts from everyone who was lucky enough to see them have been "the best band I've ever seen." Then the announcement of going into the studio to record some more songs. ...

  • Mutoid Man – Bleeder

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    Mutoid Man – Bleeder

    Well, if this doesn't punch a wet, viscera-coated hole through your chest, I don't know what will. Mutoid Man are Stephen Brodsky, Ben Koller and Nick Cageao. You'll be familiar with Brodsky - him of Cave In fame, making huge crushing space rock jams (Big Riff!), Koller briefly drummed for Cave In before becoming the stickman for noise-hardcore thrash-merchants Converge...

  • Arms & The Man – K West vs. T Rex

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    Arms & The Man – K West vs. T Rex

    Have you got the time mate, have you got the time mate? Time to watch the new Arms & The Man video, you chump. Pull up a groove get fabulous, take all your clothes off, shit son - just watch it and crack a beer open. Lads, lads, lads, etc. ...